TuffMass-UL® 1# MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier (4'x25' Roll)

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Affordable Mass-Loaded Vinyl * Free Shipping to the Continental US

TuffMass-UL® Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier is a specially developed flexible mass layer product offering superior acoustic transmission loss combined with good damping properties. TuffMass-UL is designed to reduce air and structure-borne noise transmission through walls, floors and ceilings and can be installed easily without the need for specialty tools. TuffMass-UL is UL-listed for use in a wide range of wall and ceiling constructions.

With an STC rating of 27, 1# TuffMass-UL is ideal for use in hotels, homes, home theaters, classrooms, studios and anywhere reduction of noise transmission is required and comes in convenient 4'x25' rolls (100 square feet).


  • STC Rating: 27
  • Size: 4'x25' roll (100 square feet), 1/8-inch thick
  • Weight: 1# (1 pound per square foot)
  • UL-Approved for U300, U400, V400, L500
  • Ideal for installation on wood or metal framing
  • Made in the USA