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TSC PinPak Mounting Pins

True Sound Control

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The Perfect Temporary Mounting Solution!

TSC PinPak Mounting Pins are the perfect solution for temporarily mounting acoustic foam panels, bass traps and diffusors.


  • Smooth "T"-bar head and sharp point
  • Nickel-plated steel
  • 1-3/4" length

TSC PinPak Mounting Pins are ideal for use in rented spaces and other temporary situations when adhesive just isn't an option - they leave minimal damage to walls and acoustic foam, just a few tiny pinholes no larger than those from hanging a picture.

TSC PinPak Mounting Pins also work great as a mounting aid for determining panel placement before applying adhesive and holding panels in place while adhesive dries. And they're indispensible for fine-tuning installation of acoustic foam and diffusors on uneven walls or corners.


  • Long-term mounting in temporary spaces without adhesive
  • Determining panel placement before applying adhesive
  • Holding panels in place while adhesive dries
  • Fine-tuning installation of panels on uneven surfaces

Each PINPAK includes (100) nickel-plated super steel T-pins, which mount up to 96 square feet of acoustic foam or diffusors.

Recommended for use with acoustic foam products (except TruTraps) and non-wooden diffusors only. Additional reinforcement may be required for ceiling mounting.

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