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Auralex Studiofoam Wave Acoustic Foam Panels

Auralex Acoustics

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Auralex Studiofoam Wave panels are 2'x2' acoustic foam panels featuring a dynamic wave-like pattern that rises from 1" to 3" in thickness. Auralex Studiofoam Wave can help control unwanted mid- to high- frequency reflections and standing waves in a variety of professional and residential applications. The panels are constructed with Auralex's melamine-free formula, which won't crumble with age, and are available in a stylish charcoal gray color that will blend with any room's décor.

Size: 2' x 2' x 1"-3" panels
Quantity: 16 panels per box (64 square feet)
Suggested Mounting: 1 Foamtak or 2 Tubetak Pro or 1 TapePak

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