Auralex VoxMAX Portable Acoustic Foam Kit for Vocal Recording

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Auralex MAX-Kits help bridge the gap between our Portable Treatment products and our line of Full Room Treatment Systems. Perfect for any scenario where permanent treatment can’t be used or where a temporary acoustic barrier is necessary. Each Kit combines multiple stand-mounted Portable Treatment items with an ISO-Series item for instrument or monitor isolation to provide an adaptable acoustical treatment solution for all frequency ranges and nearly any space.

Designed for Voice-Over/Vocal recording and easy-to-use instrument baffling – the Auralex VoxMAX Kit can also be quickly positioned to address reflections within a small monitoring or mixing environment.


  • Highly effective control of axial modes 
  • Reduce unwanted acoustical reflections 
  • Tame chaotic reverberation 
  • Flexible, portable absorption for professional & residential settings

Kit includes:

  • (2) ProMAX v2 Panels & Stands
  • (2) 24" Stand-Mounted LENRD Bass Traps & Stands
  • (1) MudGuard v2 with hardware mounting kit