Auralex StudioDoor Acoustic Studio Door

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Auralex has provided raw materials and even complimentary guidelines for wall construction for sound isolation with our Acoustics101 guide for many years. Now we offer yet another piece for reducing room-to-room sound transmission – the Auralex StudioDoor.

Both versions of the StudioDoor are built using a proprietary core stack-up of materials, and StudioDoor 48 includes Auralex SheetBlok Sound Barrier for additional isolation. The StudioDoor is the perfect finishing touch to your acoustically isolated studio. Both doors are wood-based, delivered pre-hung, and ready to finish.  Both offer exceptional STC ratings of 41 (StudioDoor41) and 48 (StudioDoor48) and are available in these versions: Left hand Inside, Left hand Outside, Right hand Inside, and Right hand Outside.

Your Auralex StudioDoor is custom-manufactured just for you and is non-returnable; lead time is approximately 4 weeks. Once your order is placed, we will send you a form for selecting door options and providing additional measurements to the manufacturer.


  • Exclusive layering of components provide superior STC rating
  • Greatly reduced room-to-room sound transmission
  • Wood based, solid core door
  • StudioDoor48 features SheetBlok Sound Barrier for additional isolation
  • Ready to finish
  • Available in Left hand Inside, Left hand Outside, Right hand Inside, and Right hand Outside
  • Shipped Pre-Hung with a Continuous, Industrial-Grade Hinge, Acoustical Threshold, and Automatic Bottom
  • Door Handle Not Included

Acoustical Data:

StudioDoor™ - Acoustical Testing Data (NRC): ASTM E90
Octave Band Center Frequency (Hz) / Transmission Loss (dB) STC:
125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 KHz 2 KHz 4 KH Overall STC:
StudioDoor 35.1 36.3 35.8 41.4 44.5 50.9 41.0
StudioDoor HD 34.3 .39.5 49.5 48.6 48.2 52.7 48.0


    • 1 - Auralex StudioDoor Acoustic Studio Door (choose model)


    • Treatment Type: Construction/Insulation
    • Dimensions:
      • StudioDoor 41 – 1.75” x 36” x 80” (STC: 41)
      • StudioDoor 48 – 2.5” x 36” x 80” (STC: 48)
    • Manufacturer Part No.:
      • StudioDoor 41: STUDIODOOR_41_L / STUDIODOOR_41_R 
      • StudioDoor 48: STUDIODOOR_48_L / STUDIODOOR_48_R
    • Auralex StudioDoor Spec Sheet

    *For stock and custom sizes add 2" to the door’s height and width dimensions to calculate the size of the rough opening in the wall to accommodate the pre-hung frame.

    *Auralex recommends Baldwin door hardware. They carry hardware that fits 2-1/2″ thick and 1-3/4″ thick doors without custom ordering. Most Baldwin handles are available in these formats. A good resource is who have many options from Baldwin in stock. Select 2-3/4″ backset and then filter results to either 1-3/4″ or 2-1/2″.