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Auralex SCLMCHA SonoColumn (Single) - CLEARANCE

Auralex Acoustics

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SonoColumns are Auralex’s newest solution for absorption of low-frequencies. Like our LENRD corner bass traps, the SonoColumns are an excellent way to tame low-frequency anomalies in your room, and offer some great decorative alternatives. The 4’ long SonoColumns are designed to be stacked on top of one another to create an 8’ fluted column anywhere on the wall. Or, they can be placed in the corners where bass build-up is most often present. In combination with other Auralex Studiofoam products, SonoColumns provide an endless number of design alternatives, allowing you to create your own distinctive look while still offering great acoustics.


  • Reduces Room Modes
  • Smoothes Out Low-Frequency Response of Your Space
  • Tames Low-End Rumble
  • Wall, Ceiling and Corner Applications
  • Precision Surface Profiling

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