Auralex Platfoam Isolation Riser Kit

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When used as riser support, Auralex PlatFoam Isolation Foam greatly purifies the tone of whatever's on the riser and yields dramatically improved isolation characteristics, thus minimizing sound transmission to neighboring spaces. This is a fast, portable, easy and affordable solution to many of your sound problems.

Famous folks including Hollywood composers, world-class nightclubs, houses of worship and more are using Auralex PlatFoam with great success! Try out some PlatFoam yourself. You'll be absolutely amazed at the improvement it offers!

Size: 2"x4"x4' pieces of high-density foam
Quantity: Kit includes 24 pieces (will float an 8'x8' area), plus 3 tubes TubeTak Pro
Color: Charcoal Gray

Auralex Platfoam shown under a custom fabricated, aluminum edged 4'x4' decking board.

This shows the suggested spacing of Auralex Platfoam rails under a decking board.