Auralex MoPads Monitor Isolation Pads

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Hear an amazing difference in your monitors!

Your loudspeakers are the most critical components you use to verify the quality of your work. No matter how good your mixer, mics, preamps, cables, and other pieces of gear that you've invested in, you're not truly hearing what your recordings sound like until you isolate your monitors from their environment.

Truly Isolate Your Monitors
In the studio environment, everything that vibrates can add artifacts to your sound. If you allow your monitors to acoustically couple to a shelf, a rack, desk, or the meter bridge of your mixing board, it can degrade the accuracy of what you're hearing. Furthermore, once your monitors spread vibrations to whatever they're resting on, everything else that's in physical contact with your monitors will vibrate too.

This is where the Auralex MoPADs come in. MoPADs provide sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever your monitors are resting on, INSTANTLY improving the accuracy of your entire monitoring system.

Choose from 5 Listening Angles
Auralex MoPADs come with wedge adjusters, allowing you to tilt your studio monitors (or any item to be decoupled/isolated) to listening angles of 4°, 8°, -4°, and -8°. Leaving the Auralex MoPAD wedge in place allows the monitor to be set flat at 0 degrees.

Isolate More Than Just Monitors
Auralex MoPADs have other unlimited uses, such as isolating delicate electronics from vibration. They are also useful under CD burners, computer speakers, laptops and turntables, providing it doesn't restrict air flow. Auralex MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement, and really effective at decoupling your monitors - or ANYTHING in your studio - from your room and all its contents. Buy a set today - you'll hear an AMAZING difference.


  • Perfect for floating loudspeakers and monitors
  • Instantly improve the sound accuracy of your entire monitoring system
  • Designed to accommodate various sizes of monitors
  • Affordable, easy to implement and effective
  • 5 different positioning options
  • Reduces coloration
  • Increases clarity
  • Decreases structural resonance
  • Decouples sound source from the resting surface, resulting in greater audibility and clarity
  • Helps to project low frequencies to give back definition
  • Makes mid and high frequencies crisp and intelligible 
  • Tightens and increases sonic detail of your source, allowing more clarity and consistency of mid & low frequencies


  • 4 - Auralex MoPad Monitor Isolation Pads
  • 4 - Auralex MoPad Wedges 


  • Treatment Type: Isolation
  • Dimensions: 4"W x 12"L x 2"H
  • Pieces Per Box: 1 set of 4 pads with wedges (isolates 2 pairs of speakers)
  • Weight Limit: 2 MoPAD pieces supports up to 100 lbs monitor
  • Manufacturer Part No.: MOPAD


"...MoPADs can tighten up the transients and upper-bass frequencies to a greater extent when used with high-end monitors ... but you should also hear a noticeable improvement in your monitoring environment even when MoPADs are used with low-cost monitors. In short, MoPADs are an inexpensive, simple solution to a widespread problem shared by most studios."
- Electronic Musician, July 2003

"...If you place your monitors on a desk or table, or - probably the most common scenario - on top of one of those studio furniture desks where there's a rack on either side of your computer monitor, purchase MoPADs. The reduction in resonance in your studio furniture will likely be immediately apparent, and is well worth the price of admission."
- EQ Magazine, May 2002

"As I toted the MoPADs from studio to studio for evaluation, I was impressed by the range of audible improvements realized. By decoupling the monitors from other objects, speakers are free to perform as originally designed. In most cases speakers immediately sounded better. The most common improvement was a tighter, more focused bass response. ... In all cases, the MoPADs were an easy-to-implement step towards monitoring accuracy; do not rely on the resonance of others!"
- Pro Audio Review, June 2002

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