Auralex MAX-Wall 1141 Portable Acoustic Foam Kit

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The MAX-Wall is a portable acoustical treatment system with excellent broadband absorption with and NRC of 1.05, comes in a variety of size options and offers three colors from which to choose. The patented, modular design allows adjustable panel height and a plethora of configurations. The interlocking MAX-Wall panels can create a gap-free enclosure. Each panel is 48" wide by 20" tall by 4" thick, and most MAX-Wall models come complete with MAX-Stands and MAX-Wall Clamps (these help keep the panels at whatever height your particular needs dictate).   

*Bonus Tips:  Position MAX-Wall panels behind you when mixing and you’ll be amazed at how much better you hear into the source material.  Also, position MAX-Wall a few inches out from the rear wall of your control room, where it will function as a very effective axial mode bass trap.

MAX-Wall stands for Mobile Absorptive eXpandable Wall.  This stand-mounted, portable, highly adaptable treatment system is a favorite of some of our most famous clients, and it will be a wonderful addition to your setup.

Stand-Mounted, Adaptable, Portable Treatment – MAX-Wall’s your answer.


  • Variety of Sizes Available
  • 3 Color Options (Charcoal, Burgundy & Purple)
  • Adjustable Height
  • Portable acoustic treatment with excellent broadband absorption 
  • Modular, interlocking design allows for gap-free closure
  • Seemingly endless configurations
  • Improves low-frequency monitoring accuracy
  • Can function as an effective axial mode bass trap
  • Stand-mountable and highly adaptable
  • Mounting stands included
  • Made from 4.25" thick melamine-free StudioFoam
  • Reduces unwanted reflections
  • Great for traveling musician and recording pro on-the-go


Auralex MAX-Wall 1141 includes:
    • 11 - 4.25" x 20" x 48" MAX-Wall panels
    • 1 - MAX-Wall Window Kit
    • 4 - MAX-Wall Stands
    • 4 - MAX-Wall Clamps


  • Treatment Type: Absorption/Portable
  • Dimensions: Panels 20"W x 48"L x 4.25"D
  • Available Colors: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy or Purple
  • Manufacturer Part No.:
    • Charcoal Gray: MAX1141CHA
    • Burgundy: MAX1141BUR
    • Purple: MAX1141PUR