Auralex LENRD Acoustic Foam Bass Traps

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Your Best Bet for Cost-effective Low-Frequency Control!

Auralex LENRD Bass Traps are quite simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to control excess low-frequency energy without sacrificing large amounts of cubic space. These triangular-shaped acoustic foam bass traps fit into room corners and/or wall/ceiling junctures perfectly, and provide outstanding broadband absorption.

LENRD Bass Traps are working for many of Auralex's most famous clients. World-famous studio designers are spec'ing LENRDs. Major magazines have raved about LENRDs. Why? Because they know that pound for pound, Auralex LENRD bass traps give them world-class absorption at unmatched prices and in an unmatched small size.


  • Use on walls, corners and ceiling 
  • Tames low-end rumble
  • Reduces room modes
  • Smooths out low frequency response of your space
  • Precision surface profiling
  • Improve speech intelligibility
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Eliminates standing waves and flutter echoes
  • Reduces unwanted acoustical reflections
  • Decreases slap-back and room ring
  • Won't crumble with age
  • Made using melamine-free StudioFoam formula
  • Install with 1 Foamtak or 2 Tubetak Pro per 8-pack box

    Acoustical Data:

    Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) by Frequency
    Freq. 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 KHz 2 KHz 4 KH Overall
    NRC 1.24 1.28 1.45 1.39 1.27 1.31 1.35


    • 4-Pack or 8-Pack - Auralex LENRD 1'x1'x2' Acoustic Foam Bass Traps 


    • Treatment Type: Bass Trapping
    • Dimensions: 12"W x 12"D x 24" L
    • Panels per box: Sold as 4-Pack or 8-Pack
    • Available Colors: Charcoal Grey, Burgundy, and Purple
    • Manufacturer Part No.:
      • Charcoal Grey: LENCHA_HP / LENCHA
      • Burgundy: LENBUR_HP / LENBUR
      • Purple: LENPUR_HP / LENPUR