Auralex DST D108L Roominator Acoustic Foam Kit

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Roominator-DST Kits span a wide variety of applications, addressing the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small project studio as well as the most demanding professional mix/mastering environments. Whether it's your first studio, a home theater, or a Pro Tools Suite, the Roominators-DST kits are designed to dramatically improve your acoustics and give you a great designer look.

The Auralex D108L Roominator Kit offers you all the components you need to attack the acoustics of a smaller project studio, listening room or home theater, all with a professional appearance that belies the kit's affordable price. Two D108L room kits may be appropriate for medium-sized studios and home theaters, as well as live rooms and rehearsal spaces.


  • Affordable way to improve the sound of your room
  • Effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes
  • Tame full-frequency bandwidth
  • Decreases slap-back and room ring
  • Reduces unwanted reflections
  • Panels made from melamine-free StudioFoam formula
  • Long lasting; won’t crumble with age
  • Bass traps reduce room modes
  • Smooths out low frequency response
  • Wall, ceiling and corner applications
  • Absorbs up to 60% better than other brands
  • Panels can be easily cut to create exciting combinations
  • Easy installation with included EZ-Stick Pro Mounting Tabs



Model: Octave Band Center Frequency (Hz) NRC
125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 KHz 2 KHz 4 KH


0.12 0.27 0.54 0.71 0.83 0.99 0.60


0.16 0.29 0.57 0.75 0.90 1.00 0.65


Auralex D108L Roominator Kit includes:

  • 54 - Auralex DST-112 1'x1' Panels (Charcoal Gray)
  • 54 - Auralex DST-114 1'x1' Panels (Charcoal Gray, Purple or Burgundy)
  • 8 - Auralex DST-LENRD Bass Traps (Charcoal Gray)
  • 264 - Auralex EZ-Stick Mounting Tabs


    • Treatment Type: Absorption/Room Kits
    • Dimensions: Each panel is 1'W x 1'L x 2"D
    • NRC: LENRD Bass Trap Overall - 1.35
    • Panels Per Box: 108 Panels / 8 Bass Traps
    • Available Colors: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy or Purple
    • Manufacturer Part No.:
      • Charcoal Gray/Charcoal: D108LCHA
      • Charcoal Gray/Burgundy: D108LBUR
      • Charcoal Gray/Purple: D108LPUR