Auralex Corner Impaling Clips

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Auralex Corner Impaling Clips allow you to mount your fiberglass acoustic panels across a corner. These clips can be mounted to the wall using standard drywall screws (not included) and allow for quick and easy panel placement on most wall surfaces.  Use impaling clips alone for panels in low-traffic areas or when temporary mounting is necessary. Combine impaling clips and TubeTak Pro adhesive when permanent mounting is required.


  • Increase your room's low-frequency absorption
  • Included with all M224 ProPanels
  • Vertical & Horizontal Corner Installations
  • Use with 2" thick acoustic panels only
  • Quick installation
  • Permanent or temporary installations
  • Measures 4.75"x6" each
  • Class A fire rating


  • Choose:
    • Single - Auralex 4.75"x6" CTC Corner Impaling Clip
    • 4-Pack - Auralex 4.75"x6" CTC Corner Impaling Clips


  • Dimensions: 4.75"x6"
  • Manufacturer Part No.:  CTC
Please Note: Impaling clips are recommended for mounting fiberglass acoustic panels only and will not work with Studiofoam products.