Auralex 1" Platfoam Isolation Sheets (8-pack)

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High-density foam for D.I.Y. isolation

Auralex 1" Platfoam Isolation Sheets offer the same isolation benefits as our popular MoPads Monitor Isolation Pads. When installing speakers in wall enclosures or cabinets, 1" Platfoam is the simplest, most cost-effective way to decouple your speakers.

Simply cut the Platfoam Isolation Sheets to the exact inner dimension of the enclosure. Install the speaker directly on top of the sheets. The structural resonance will be reduced and the tonal quality will be greatly improved through the isolation Platfoam yields.

Size: Each sheet of high-density foam is 2' wide x 4' long x 1" thick
Color: Charcoal Gray

Please Note: Auralex Platfoam is not a substitute for a U-Boat floor system. Platfoam will not support sidewalls or extremely heavy objects (e.g., pianos). Platfoam is intended as a portable, mobile or temporary solution. Platfoam has a Class B Flame Retardancy rating, and passes the MVSS 302 standard. Customers should consult local building codes if Platfoam is to be used as a structural component. ASTM-E84 testing results available upon request from Auralex.