Auralex UBFF U-Boat Floor Floaters

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Made of long-lasting EPDM rubber, Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters are our proprietary U-shaped channels used to support framing members and float (isolate and decouple) them from the surrounding structure. With the help of U-Boats, a floated room features greatly improved transmission loss (isolation) and low-frequency definition (translated: a tight, floated room will always sound better!).

U-Boats are molded to fit around the edge of any 2 by X joist. To figure out approximately how many U-Boats to get, just multiply the total square footage of the area you want to float by two-thirds. Auralex U-Boats are the industry's most affordable floating solution and are much easier to use than those exorbitant "pucks" that have been used in the past.


  • Decouples floor beams from supporting structure
  • Reduces structural vibrations
  • New formulation with improved isolation
  • Made of long-lasting EPDM rubber
  • Molded to fit around edge of any 2 by X joist
  • Most effective when combined with other soundproofing constuction
  • The larger the vertical air cavity created by the joist, the better the potential decoupling effect
  • Most affordable floating solution


    • 50-Pack or 300-Pack - Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters


    • Treatment Type: Construction/Insulation
    • Size: 2-1/8" W x 1-1/2" H x 2" L
    • Thickness: sides=5/16" and base=1/2"
    • Pieces Per Box: Box of 50 or 300
    • Available Color: Black
    • Manufacturer Part No.: UBFF_50PK / UBFF_300PK

    Auralex U-Boat Spacing Guidelines:

    • If Joist Spacing is 24" o.c.: Space U-Boats 16'' o.c. along the joist minimum and not to exceed 24'' o.c. 
    • If Joist Spacing is Between 12''-16'' o.c.: Space U-Boats 16'' o.c. along the joist minimum and not to exceed 32'' o.c.
    • Most (>99%) of applications will work fine with 16'' o.c. spacing of UBoats along the joist. Spacing further apart will improve low-frequency isolation below 40 Hz. However, spacing should never exceed 32'' o.c.

      *o.c. stands for ''on center'' and represents measuring spacing from center-to-center of, say, joists or studs (or U-Boats). This is to prevent confusion caused by sometimes erroneously measuring from edge to edge.
    Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals such as Carbon Black, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to