Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel

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Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel is a specially-formed, sturdy metal device that, when used to hang drywall (instead of just attaching the drywall directly to the studs or joists), GREATLY improves the sound transmission characteristics of the wall or ceiling system. Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel adds 1/2" of airspace between the studs and drywall and can provide as much as 10 dB of isolation if used properly.

RC8 should be installed horizontally at the bottom and top of your wall, then every 2' or less in between. Up to (2) layers of 5/8" drywall and a layer of SheetBlok may be hung on RC8, even on a ceiling.


  • RC-8 is made from 25 Gauge Steel
  • Greatly improves sound transmission characteristic of wall or ceiling system
  • Adds 1/2" of airspace between studs and drywall
  • Can provide as much as 10dB of isolation
  • Acoustically decouples drywall from supporting studs
  • Reduces structural vibrations
  • Wall & ceiling applications
  • Meets Class A Fire-rating per ASTM E-84*
  • Handy 8' lengths
  • Ground shippable


  • 24 - Auralex RC8 Resilient Channels  


  • Treatment Type: Construction/Insulation
  • Dimensions: ½" x 2 3/8" x 96" L
  • Pieces Per Box: 24 pieces (192 linear feet)
  • Gauge: RC8 is made from 25-gauge steel
  • Manufacturer Part No.: RC8

Installation Tips:

  • Position RC-8 Resilient Channel at right angles to steel studs, space 24" o.c. and attach to stud flanges with 3/8" Type S pan head screws driven through holes in channel mounting flange.
  • Use 1-¼" Type W screws to mount the RC-8 to wood studs/joists/framing.
  • Locate channels 2" from floor and within 6" of ceiling.
  • Install channels with mounting flange down (see picture below), except at floor to accommodate attachment.
  • Splice channel by nesting (not butting) directly over stud. Screw-attach through both flanges.
  • A 2-hr. floor/ceiling system with STC/MTC ratings as high as 60/54 is achievable with a ceiling of double-layer 5/8" gypsum board attached to RC-8 channels across joists with 3" Mineral Fiber Insulation in the joist cavities.
  • RC Comparison Table (PDF) contains a table of wall constructions with their 1/3 octave band Transmission Loss values, STCs and (when available) MTCs measured in accordance with ASTM E413. The table is intended for use in comparing wall systems before and after the addition of resilient channel. It is not intended to be a complete partition STC/MTC resource. For information on other partitions, please see the source references in the document.
*While many Auralex products are fire retardant and/or self extinguishing to varying extents, we cannot guarantee that any product meets the specific building code regulations in your area as regulations widely vary from place to place. Check with your local fire marshal or building inspector for approval prior to purchasing or installing any of Auralex's products. Auralex will not be held liable for property damage or injuries caused by misuse of their products.
  • If your installation is a commercial application we recommend that you only consider those products that have a documented fire rating meeting a specific standard. Since local fire codes are not harmonized and are not applied in a uniform manner by local inspectors there is no guarantee of passing inspection.
  • Because of this we recommend checking with your local fire marshal or building inspector regarding which specific test standards will be accepted prior to purchasing this product.
  • Auralex can provide fire test reports for many of their fire rated products performed by certified third-party testing facilities.

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