Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System, Asteroid (Single)

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Traditional absorption, diffusion & low-frequency
control – in one very untraditional product

The FLEX-48 Adaptive Treatment System by Acoustical Fulfillment is a unique acoustical device that allows the user to alter the acoustical properties of their room in a matter of minutes.

The main components are the FulFill Acoustical Panel and the reflective Flex-Shield. The brushed stainless steel Flex-Tray serves as the mounting device for both the absorption panel and the shield.

When fully exposed, with no shield in place, the FulFill panel behaves as a passive absorber, removing energy from the room. When the Flex-Shield is installed, a barrel type diffuser is created. The higher frequencies are now scattered evenly throughout the room, retaining liveliness, while the mid and low frequencies continue to pass through to the FulFill panel. The air gap between the Flex-Shield and the FulFill panel combined with the sympathetic vibration of the Flex-Shield increases the low-frequency absorption of the panel.


  • 1 - 16"x48" FulFill™ Acoustical Panel, 2" thick, in Asteroid fabric
  • 1 - 18"x48" brushed stainless steel Flex-Tray
  • 1 - 23.8"x48" Flex-Shield
  • 10 - MLV pads w/ PSA
  • 6 - threaded drywall anchors & screws


FulFill Acoustical Panel:

Substrate: High Density Fiberglass (6-7 PCF) with chemically hardened edges
Surface Finish: Fully tailored fabric wrapped
Fabric Options: Guilford of Maine Acoustic (custom options available)
Nominal Size: 16" width  x  48” height
Thickness: 2"
Edge Detail: Half bevel
Mounting: Flex-tray Impaling Clips
Acoustical Data: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)   2" = 1.05
Fire Performance: Class A rating per ASTM E84
Warranty: Standard 1 year limited warranty


Substrate: Polycarbonate with laser radiused corners
Thickness:  .080” thickness
Nominal Size:   23.8” width x 48” height

Mounting Tray:

Substrate: Brushed stainless steel
Nominal Size: 18” width  x  48” height

Packaging/Shipping Dimensions:

Quantity: Flex-48 ships (1) system to a box
Box dimensions: 25” wide by 50” long by 3.5” deep
Box weight: 23 lbs 

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