Auralex MoPad XL Monitor Isolation Pads

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Hear an amazing difference in your monitors!

Once you've bought the best gear and acoustically treated your room, what's left? Improving the accuracy of your speakers.

Your loudspeakers are the most critical components you use to verify the quality of sound. Even with the most expensive gear, you're not truly hearing what your music or movies sound like until you isolate your speakers from their environment. Let us explain.

Speaker manufacturers develop and design their speakers based on tests that are performed in anechoic chambers where the speakers are suspended in the middle of the room – i.e., there is no interaction between the speaker cabinet and a hard surface. Once the speakers are implemented into real world applications, the speakers will not sound the same because they are now interacting with the environment.

Truly Isolate Your Speakers
MoPad XL's are isolators for your speakers. They will decouple your speakers from the surface they rest upon, resulting in a more pure, accurate tone. Low frequencies will be projected and will no longer lack the definition you desire. Mid and high frequencies will be crisp and intelligible. Rattles and resonances will be a thing of the past.

Choose from 5 Listening Angles
The MoPad XL wedge allows you to tilt the speaker (or any item to be decoupled/isolated) to listening angles -8°, -4°, 0° (flat), +4° and +8°. Turning the wedge face down allows the speaker to be set flat 0°.

One MoPad XL should be placed under each speaker toward the center for greater stability. While one MoPad XL will work for smaller models, two should be used on each speaker if they are large or sit on the side.

Isolate More Than Just Speakers
MoPad XL's have unlimited uses, such as isolating delicate electronics from vibration. The use of MoPad XL's under CD burners, laptops, turntables, and other electronics is encouraged, providing the MoPad XL's do not restrict ports or vents. Buy a set today - you'll hear an AMAZING difference.


  • Perfect for floating loudspeakers and monitors
  • Instantly improve the sound accuracy of your entire monitoring system
  • Designed so they can support virtually all sizes of bookshelf loudspeakers up to 100 lbs each
  • Affordable, easy to implement and effective
  • 5 different positioning options
  • Reduces coloration
  • Increases clarity
  • Decreases structural resonance
  • Decouples sound source from the resting surface, resulting in greater audibility and clarity
  • Helps to project low frequencies to give back definition
  • Makes mid and high frequencies crisp and intelligible 
  • Tightens and increases sonic detail of your source, allowing more clarity and consistency of mid & low frequencies


  • 2 - Auralex MoPad XL Monitor Isolation Pads
  • 2 - Auralex MoPad XL Wedges 


  • Treatment Type: Isolation
  • Dimensions: 8"W x 11"L x 2.25"H
  • Pieces Per Box: 1 set of 2 pads with wedges (isolates on pair of speakers)
  • Weight Limit: 100 lbs per speaker
  • Manufacturer Part No.: MOPADXL