Auralex Studio6 Bass Trap

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For rooms where bass control is an issue, the Auralex Studio6™ offers best-in-class performance among bass traps due to its balanced, broadband absorption. 

The new Studio6 Bass Trap provides best-in-class, broadband performance in a slim 6″ profile. It features effective broadband control from 40 Hz and up, providing low frequency control in a 2′ x 4′ footprint with slim 6″ profile. The Studio6 is stand-mountable, using the optional Auralex MAX-stands. This allows the panels to be used in a number of temporary recording and mixing situations or where permanent installation is not possible or desired. The Studio6 can also be mounted to room walls and corners using Auralex FoamTak™ or TubeTak Pro™.


  • Highly effective absorption for recording and performance applications
  • Effective Broadband Control from 40 Hz and Up
  • Stand Mountable, Also Mounts to Room Walls and Corners
  • Low-Frequency Control in a 2' x 4' Footprint with a Slim 6" Profile
  • Mounting stand is height adjustable
  • Use in studio, on stage, the classroom, in the home, and on-the-go!
  • Can be adhered with Foamtak or Tubetak Pro


    Studio6 - Acoustical Testing Data (NRC): ASTM C423

    Mounting: Octave Band Center Frequency (Hz) NRC
    40 Hz* 50 Hz* 63 Hz* 80 Hz* 100 Hz 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 KHz 2 KHz 4 KH
    A Mount
    (Flush with surface)
    .22 .20 .12 .80 1.17 1.20 1.44 1.55 1.46 1.38 1.32 1.45
    J Mount
    (45-degree angle between two perpendicular surfaces**)
    .24 .33 .49 1.99 1.95 2.50 2.56 2.32 2.11 1.88 1.74 2.20

    *Extended Frequency Data: Testing facility certified down to 100 Hz, all frequency data below 100 Hz are unofficial and intended as a guide only.
    **Apparent Absorption Coefficient / NRC: Non-Standard calculation of equivalent NRC rating and absorption coefficients from spaced absorbers. See official test report at for more details.


    • 1 - Auralex Studio6 2'x4'x6" Bass Trap (choose stand option)


    • Treatment Type: Bass Trapping
    • Dimensions: 24"W x 48"L x 6"D
    • Panels per box: 1
    • Overall NRC: 
      • “A” Mount (Flush with Surface): 1.45 *
      • “J” Mount (45˚ Angle Between Two Perpendicular Surfaces): 2.20*
    • Manufacturer Part No.:
      • With Stand: STUDIO6_ST
      • Without Stand: STUDIO6