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Auralex DST-114 Acoustic Foam Single Panels, Burgundy - CLEARANCE

Auralex Acoustics

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If you place a lot of emphasis on the "cool factor" in your space, Studiofoam DST panels might be just what the doctor ordered. You can easily create a multitude of great-looking patterns that will make visitors think you hired a designer to help trick out your room. Without excessive expense or installation hassles, Studiofoam DST panels can give you a great-looking and great-sounding Auralex room that you'll be proud to show off to your friends and clients, and in which you'll enjoy spending time.

Auralex DST-114s are 1' x 1' panels that serve as the ideal design complement to the DST-112s and other DST Studiofoam products. They can easily be cut in 3" shingles, allowing for a bunch of creative options when used singularly or with 112s. We've seen some incredibly cool installations with these.

NRC: .65
Size: 1' x 1' per panel
Quantity: Sold as Single Panels, $6.99 each
Colors: Burgundy

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