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Auralex DST D36 Roominator Acoustic Foam Kit

Auralex Acoustics

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Auralex Roominators-DST kits span a wide variety of applications, addressing the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small project studio as well as the most demanding professional mix/mastering environments.

The components of each kit offer you an easy way to add a decorative touch to your space via color choices and easy design layouts. A few simple, easy cuts along the ridges of the panels give you even more options to create some great-looking arrays with vibrant colors.

Perfect for spot treatment and a designer look, the Auralex D36 Roominator Kit offers a wide variety of creative visual possibilities while acoustically tuning your room. This kit is effective at controlling mid- and high-frequency anomalies ... and with a sense of style.

The Auralex D36 Roominator Kit includes:

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