Auralex Venus Bass Traps

$ 508.99 $ 579.99

The Auralex Venus Bass Trap achieves a prodigious level of low-frequency absorption at your room boundaries (where low-frequency problems begin) at a price that allows it to fit into most budgets. The big advantage of Venus bass traps is their ability to - when placed properly - absorb problems in the room as low as 40 Hz. This is especially advantageous for those working in a moderately sized room with very good listening equipment. Auralex Venus Bass Traps ship in a 2'x4'x12" size, but are often cut in half to 2'x2', then paired with the Auralex 12" CornerFill.

While the Venus Bass Trap can provide serious low-frequency and broadband absorption in any room, it really shines in larger rooms like gymnasiums, houses of worship and multipurpose rooms.


  • Great budget friendly solution for low-frequency absorption
  • Absorbs problems in the room as low as 40 Hz
  • Can be cut in half
  • Effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes
  • Tame low-end rumble
  • Reduces room modes
  • Smooths out low frequency response of your space
  • Decreases slap-back and room ring
  • Used to improve the sound within the room
  • Won’t crumble with age
  • Made of long-lasting melamine-free StudioFoam formula
  • Install with Foamtak or Tubetak Pro


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) by Frequency
Freq. 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 KHz 2 KHz 4 KH Overall
NRC 1.63 1.34 1.29 1.26 1.25 1.20 1.30



  • 2 panels  - Auralex Venus Bass Traps


  • Treatment Type: Absorption
  • Dimensions: 2'W x 4'L x 12"D 
  • NRC: 1.30
  • Panels Per Box: 2 (16 square feet)
  • Available Colors: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy or Purple
  • Manufacturer Part No.:
    • Charcoal Gray: 12VEN24CHA
    • Burgundy: 12VEN24BUR
    • Purple: 12VEN24PUR