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Auralex EditMAX Portable Acoustic Foam Kit for Editing & Mixing

Auralex Acoustics

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Auralex MAX-Kits help bridge the gap between our Portable Treatment products and our line of Full Room Treatment Systems. Perfect for any scenario where permanent treatment can’t be used or where a temporary acoustic barrier is necessary. Each Kit combines multiple stand-mounted Portable Treatment items with an ISO-Series item for instrument or monitor isolation to provide an adaptable acoustical treatment solution for all frequency ranges and nearly any space.

Designed as an easily-configured baffling for recording, the Auralex EditMAX Kit can also be quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring environment for editing and mixing in spaces that mounted acoustical treatments are not desired.


  • Highly effective control of axial modes 
  • Reduce unwanted acoustical reflections 
  • Tame chaotic reverberation 
  • Flexible, portable absorption for professional & residential settings

Kit includes:

  • (4) ProMAX v2 Panels & Stands
  • (4) 24" Stand-Mounted LENRD Bass Traps & Stands
  • (2) DeskMAX Panels
  • (1) MoPAD XL Monitor Isolation Pads Set

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