Auralex TempTabs Studiofoam Mounting Kit

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Auralex TempTabs are a temporary Studiofoam mounting solution designed for easy installation and maximum flexibility. You no longer need to commit to permanently placing your acoustic treatments or cleaning adhesive residue and chunks of your investment off of your walls. Simply attach the tabs to your Studiofoam with the included Tubetak Pro Adhesive, affix the self-stick velcro Velcoins to the wall, and your foam mounts to the wall through the power of Velcro. Velcoins can be removed from the wall easily with a putty knife.


  • Temporary application
  • Instant bond
  • For wall installations with minimal damage upon removal
  • No additional tools required
  • Mounts up to 96 square feet of acoustic foam
  • Easy installation with maximum flexibility 


  • Kit includes:
    • (72) Auralex 1-1/2"x3" TempTabs
    • (72) Auralex Velcoins
    • (1) Tube of Tubetak Pro Adhesive


  • Manufacturer Part No.:  TEMPTAB_KIT

Recommended for use with studiofoam products and plastic/polystyrene diffusors only. Additional reinforcement may be required for ceiling mounting.