Auralex Sonoflat SFS-112 System

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Auralex’s SonoFlat Systems offer an all-inclusive room treatment option with a sophisticated architectural styling. The SonoFlat Systems offer all the great advantages of Auralex's industry-leading Studiofoam such as performance and longevity, and also provides you with a multitude of design possibilities for home theaters, recording studios, and other critical listening environments.

The Auralex SFS-112 are acoustically engineered to provide accurate sound in small and medium sized rooms.  The various components and color options allow you to create a world-class sonic environment with great aesthetics at a very reasonable price.

The Auralex SFS-112 is best suited for rooms that do not need diffusion. One or two of the SFS-112s are perfect for smaller rooms. The SFS-112 offers a very economical way to get great, accurate acoustics, and provide a design that looks like other, more expensive alternatives. And installation is a snap.


  • All-inclusive room treatment for small and medium sized rooms
  • Cost effective, yet sophisticated 
  • Reduce Unwanted Acoustical Reflections
  • Tame Chaotic Reverberation
  • Wall mounted acoustical absorption panels
  • Eliminates standing waves and flutter echoes
  • Tame full-frequency bandwidth
  • Decreases slap-back and room ring
  • Used to improve the sound within the room
  • Long-lasting; won’t crumble with age
  • Made from melamine-free StudioFoam
  • Absorbs up to 60% better than other brands
  • SonoColumn bass traps reduces room modes
  • Smooths out low frequency response of your space
  • Wall, ceiling and corner applications
  • SonoCollars fill in any gap between the top of an 8' column and ceiling
  • Easy Installation using included Tubetak™ Pro Liquid Adhesive 

Acoustical Data

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) by Frequency
Freq. 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 KHz 2 KHz 4 KH Overall
NRC .21 .53 1.05 1.12 1.15 1.10 .95


  • 24 - SonoFlat 2'x2'x2" panels (Charcoal Gray, Purple or Burgundy)
  • 4 - SonoColumns 4'x1'x6" (Charcoal Gray only)
  • 4 - SonoCollars (Charcoal Gray only)
  • 5 - Tubetak Pro Adhesive


  • Treatment Type: Absorption/Room Kit
  • Dimensions: Each panel is 2'W x 2'L x 2"D
  • Panels Per Box: 24 Panels / 4 Columns w/ Collars
  • Available Colors: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy or Purple
  • Manufacturer Part No.:
    • Charcoal Gray: SFS112CHA
    • Burgundy: SFS112BUR
    • Purple: SFS112PUR